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L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. (Since 2010) – Ms. Reid performed statistical analyses and conducted research to gather and evaluate data as well as identify, interpret and explain short- and long-term economic trends. She provided analytical support for market place and litigation projects for L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc.

Ms. Reid gathered and evaluated electric utility data submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") and Energy Information Administration (“EIA”). The analyses include the development of the delivered costs of fuels to various utilities located throughout the United States. Ms. Reid also researched, analyzed and forecasted component parts of the Powder River Basin (“PRB”) coal market. Her work included analyzing historical and future coal prices, production and capacity in the PRB. In addition, Ms. Reid gathered, analyzed and forecasted additional datasets and economic indicators released by the EIA, the Surface Transportation Board (“STB”), the Bureau of Economic Analysis, The Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Association of American Railroads.

Ms. Reid is responsible for the development of the Firm’s in house Uniform Railroad Costing System ("URCS") program. This program allows the firm to fully evaluate the STB’s annual URCS filings. The program allows the Firm to develop URCS costs for variable cost analysis soon after the annual filings by each carrier are released, as well as to test the impact of changes to individual inputs on the overall variable cost results for shippers. Using this program Ms. Reid has developed numerous variable costs analyses for a myriad of clients.

Ms. Reid has developed various aspects of stand-alone cost evidence in several Surface Transportation Board (STB) proceedings dealing with the calculation of maximum reasonable rail transportation rates for rail shippers. These include variable costs of service, development of rail routes using railroad timetables and track charts, development of the return on road property investment realized by Class I Railroads, and reviewing of Interstate Commerce Commission engineering reports used to develop railroad property investment. These studies were used in variable, avoidable, and stand-alone cost presentations.

Since 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) has proposed various new greenhouse gas emission regulations, including The Clean Air Interstate Rule (“CAIR”), The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (“CSAPR”), Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (“MATS”), and the Clean Power Plan (“CPP”). She has analyzed these rules, as well as continues to monitor the EPA regulation changes. She manages firm database tracking announced closures and repower initiatives in response to EPA and other regulations.

Ms. Reid conducted field inspections of rail lines and facilities, in order to develop and determine the existing and potential operating and economic condition of the lines. She also conducted various desktop rail line inspections evaluating rail lines and facilities utilizing satellite imagery. This information was used to estimate the net liquidation value of the involved facilities for both negotiation and litigation purposes. She also conducted studies dealing with the costs associated with the construction of new rail lines for purposes of competitive access.

Previous Related Experience – In her final year at Florida State, Ms. Reid participated in special topics course in conjunction with the Florida Energy Consortium/FSU Institute for Energy Systems., Economics and Sustainability (IESES) on the Economics of Energy, the Environment and Sustainability analyzing allowance trading systems, such as the Clean Air Act Acid Rain Program and California’s RECLAIM program. She also analyzed a Tallahassee City ordinance, that prohibits the building or acquisition of electricity from a coal fired power plant, by the City Utility, thereby limiting the diversification of energy resources. Ms. Reid was a summer intern with L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc.


Ms. Reid received a Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, in Economics (with concentrations in Sustainable Energy and International Economics) and in International Affairs (with concentrations in Economics and Spanish) from Florida State University in 2010.



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