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Philip H. Burris












L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. (since 1987) -- Mr. Burris has over forty (40) years experience in the field of transportation economics as it pertains to strategic sourcing and procurement of transportation services, contract negotiations, and dispute resolutions before regulatory agencies, as well as state and federal courts. He designed, directed and executed analyses of the capital and operating costs of moving various commodities by different modes of transportation including rail, air, barge, truck, pipeline and intermodal. The commodities considered in these studies included coal, coke, iron ore, grain, chemicals, automobiles, semi-finished and finished steel products, pulpwood and woodchips, water and small package shipments.

In addition to the development of the cost of moving various commodities by different modes of transportation, Mr. Burris performed evaluations of the economic viability and financial health of short line railroads. These studies were performed on behalf of state agencies to determine the financial viability of the railroads and on behalf of investors considering the purchase and operation of short line railroads. Mr. Burris also worked with short line railroads to develop pricing strategies to balance volumes and margins in order to optimize profits. Mr. Burris performed studies to determine the most practical, efficient and economically viable alternatives for use of existing rail facilities. Mr. Burris conducted studies of railcar lease and purchase options and negotiated rate reductions on behalf of shippers resulting from the use of shipper provided equipment. He determined both the costs and profits attributable to the performance of services subject to specific transportation contracts.

Mr. Burris was responsible for developing and implementing procurement strategies to assist shippers to negotiate favorable rates and service improvements from all modes of transportation companies. In negotiations, Mr. Burris performed both the role of an active participant on the negotiating team and that of a behind the scenes coach and strategist.

Mr. Burris performed studies and written reports for the Railroad Accounting Principles Board, an independent body created by Congress to establish cost accounting principles for use in implementing the regulatory provisions of the Staggers Act of 1980.

The transportation studies designed and executed under Mr. Burris direction were commissioned for the purpose of negotiating with transportation companies, for use in dispute resolutions before various regulatory agencies and state and federal courts and on behalf of electric utility companies in prudency examinations. Mr. Burris testified before the Surface Transportation Board, Interstate Commerce Commission, the Railroad Commission of Texas, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, the Illinois Commerce Commission, and various state and federal courts and arbitration panels.

Previous Related Experience -- Mr. Burris worked in the consulting industry for more than forty years. Prior to joining L.E. Peabody & Associates, Inc., Mr. Burris was employed by the transportation consulting firms of Wyer, Dick & Associates and George C. Shaffer & Associates. From September 1994 through November 1995 Mr. Burris was employed by the A.T. Kearney management consulting firm, as a Principal in its Transportation Negotiations Management Practice.


Mr. Burris received a BS in Business Administration from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1971 and an MBA from the American University in 1978, specializing in transportation economics.


Mr. Burris is on the Board of Directors of the South Central Florida Express Railroad, a wholly owned subsidiary of United States Sugar Corporation and is on the Board of Governors of Congressional Country Club Mr. Burris is also a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors.  

Phil Burris
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