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Michael R. Groene












L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. (since 1984) -- Mr. Groene has more than thirty (30) years of experience in solving transportation and fuel supply problems. He participated in detailed operational studies and analyses of cost of service for various clients. Mr. Groene assisted in the negotiations and monitoring of transportation and fuel supply contracts on behalf of different clients in different parts of the United States.

Mr. Groene conducted numerous fact-finding field trips with the objective of determining a railroad's cost of handling trains over specific line segments. For example, he participated in the design, implementation, supervision and summary of a study of the movement of various commodities within the rail switching limits of St. Louis, Missouri, Pocatella, ID and St. Paul, MN.

Mr. Groene worked extensively with the Rail Traffic Controller (“RTC”) model and has developed simulations of short-line, regional and Class I railroad operations. These simulations involved translating real-world railroad operating infrastructure and operating practices into RTC specific simulation inputs. He used the RTC model in support of rate cases before the STB, as well as for infrastructure investment analyses.

Mr. Groene developed a number of the component parts of the evidence required when applying the Surface Transportation Board's constrained market pricing principles. These analyses include the design of a stand-alone railroad and the development of quantities of materials needed to construct the hypothetical stand-alone railroad.

Mr. Groene analyzed and developed alternative build-out options for electric utilities, has performed real estate assessment studies, and has analyzed the rates and costs associated with moving traffic by rail and barge.

Previous Related Experience -- Prior to joining L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc., he was employed by Shotwell-Anderson in 1984 and participated in inventory management studies and on-site inventories.


Mr. Groene received a BS in Economics and a BS in Business Administration from Shepherd College in 1984.

Mike Groene
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