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G. Chris Low












L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. (since September 2020) -- Mr. Low collected and evaluated Class I Railroad and Surface Transportation Board ("STB") data on a weekly basis in order to evaluate the changes in Railroad Performance Metrics and weekly traffic data. He is responsible for collecting quarterly and yearly data released by Class I Railroads.


Mr. Low worked extensively with the Rail Traffic Controller (“RTC”) model and has developed simulations of short-line, regional and Class I railroad operations. These simulations involved translating real-world railroad operating infrastructure and operating practices into RTC specific simulation inputs.

Mr. Low assists with modeling and forecasting the quarterly changes in the Rail Cost Adjustment Factor ("RCAF") indexes and the All-Inclusive Index Less Fuel (“AIILF”). The Firm develops quarterly RCAF and AIILF forecasts based on the Firm’s proprietary economic model. Mr. Low helps maintain the Firm’s forecast model incorporating any required changes to ensure the model is current and can be relied upon in the quarterly forecasts.​

Mr. Low is responsible for creating schematic diagrams showing current and forecasting future railroad traffic for client requested services. Mr. Low prepared reports to be used as supporting documents in arbitration cases on behalf of clients.


Mr. Low received a BS in Applied Economic Management from Virginia Tech in 2020.



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