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Benjamin M. Buchanan












L.E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. (Since 2022) -- Mr. Buchanan provides analytical and research support to L.E. Peabody & Associates, Inc.’s clients.


Mr. Buchanan assisted in the evaluation of the Surface Transportation Board’s (“STB”) annual Uniform Railroad Costing System (“URCS”) program. This program allows for the development of URCS costs for variable cost analyses soon after the annual filings by each Class I railroad are released and to test the impact of changes to individual inputs on the overall variable cost results.


Mr. Buchanan assisted in developing estimates of annual railroad cost of capital values. These cost of capital estimates are utilized in various analyses, including URCS and fair market value assessments.  


Mr. Buchanan conducted sensitivity analyses related to forecasting diesel fuel prices and improving the Firm’s proprietary forecasting models.


Mr. Buchanan works extensively with the Rail Traffic Controller (“RTC”) model to develop simulations of railroad operations. These simulations involve translating real-world railroad operating infrastructure and operating practices into RTC specific simulation inputs. The RTC models that Mr. Buchanan worked on were used to support infrastructure investment and capacity analyses. Mr. Buchanan gathered and developed passenger rail schedules from publicly available sources for use as inputs in RTC models.


Mr. Buchanan assists with modeling and forecasting the quarterly changes in the Rail Cost Adjustment Factor (“RCAF”) indexes and the All-Inclusive Index Less Fuel (“AIILF”).


Mr. Buchanan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Life Science from Kansas State University in 2016, and an MBA from Fort Hays State University in 2021.



Benjamin M. Buchanan
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