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The Firm's historic emphasis has been in the economic research areas summarized below:
  • Negotiations of economic and operational aspects of rail transportation and fuel supply contracts, as well as interpretation of existing contract provisions.
  • Economic determinations and litigation support relating to operations, cost of service and maximum rate issues in disputes involving rail, motor, water, and pipeline transportation modes.
  • Forecasting of general economic trends, specific industrial indices, specific contract adjustments and the Rail Cost Adjustment Factor, including productivity.
  • Development of market alternatives for the supply, procurement and transportation of coal and other bulk commodities.
  • Development of analytical data and testimony on motor carrier operations and rate levels.
  • Motor carrier rate and subsidiary acquisition analyses.
  • Economic analyses and presentation of expert testimony relating to the development of postal rates for bulk mail shippers.
  • Development of reasonable Postal Rates for large bulk mailers.
  • Operations research relating to transportation systems, traffic flow analyses, maintenance programs, port operations and specific movement planning.
  • Presentation of expert testimony and negotiation with railroad entities in rail merger and acquisition proceedings.
  • Property valuation and economic impact analyses of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Development of market alternatives for the supply, procurement and transportation of natural gas.
  • Negotiation of economic and operational aspects of natural gas supply and transportation contracts.
  • Determination of tasks, activities and staffing requirements for the acquisition of natural gas.
  • Analysis of natural gas storage operations.
  • Determination of costs and revenues for rail passenger, commuter and public transit operations, and negotiations of payments for shared facilities.
  • Development of operating efficiency studies.
  • Lost value determinations for potential buy-outs or revisions in both transportation and bulk commodity supply contracts.
  • Development of operating plans, cost accounting systems, line acquisitions, equipment acquisitions, divisions of through rates and associated issues for non-Class I and shortline railroads.
  • Micro and macro projections of commodity consumption transportation patterns and prices.
  • Determination of damages and market share dislocations in anti-trust proceedings.
  • Railroad short line acquisition, management and cost monitoring.
  • Economic analyses relating to changes in regulations affecting transportation and coal supply alternatives, e.g., Staggers Rail Act, Clean Air Act, Federal Royalties and Tax Issues.
  • Arbitration of economic disputes.
  • Monitoring and auditing of contracts.
  • Construction and implementation of industry market surveys based on representative samples.
  • Electric utility prudency determinations.
  • Economic analyses of maximum rates for municipal water supply.
  • Transportation equipment supply, maintenance planning and lease/purchase analysis.
  • Rail abandonments and alternative use analyses.
  • Analysis, negotiation and litigation of capital cost issues.
  • Shipper representation in motor carrier and railroad undercharge proceedings.
  • Valuation of railroad assets for property tax assessment purposes.
  • Successful negotiation of favorable rates and service for small package express delivery on behalf of Fortune 500 Companies.
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